Understanding the Customer-First Mindset

What a time to be expanding your commerce footprint.

Driven by record demand and unpredictable challenges, brands are taking a new look at how they bring customers into strategic focus.

Why? Because research tells us Customer-First Mindset adds up to revenue growth, but commerce is still slow off the mark. Commerce can and should lead Customer-First Mindset development across global industry - we’re on the edge of trends, technology and customer expectations.

Research also shows that commerce is dealing with a New Customer that’s digital, unpredictable and easy to lose.
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What you'll learn in this module

The impact of CFM on business growth

CFM as an organisational strategy 

The disconnect between brand mindset and actions

The difference between customer service, CX and CFM

How to run a business priority audit 

Start your CFM journey

Course Orientation

Meet YOUR instructor

Nicholas Kontopoulos

As APAC Regional Head of Growth Marketing at Adobe DX, I believe that ‘Customer Experience’ is more than marketing fluff - it’s a core business ideology that needs to be at the heart of everything we do.  I continually strive to harness my 20+ years worth of professional experience, which I’ve built across multiple industries and geographies, to develop innovative and viable business strategies for both the enterprise I work for, and the great clients I get to serve.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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