How to advocate for CFM

The idea of an organisational strategy based on CFM doesn’t necessarily start with the C-Suite — or even come from the top — but their support is critical to making it happen.

To highlight CFM and its potential, you must appeal to the individual team needs of the C-Suite, while aligning with the big-picture business objectives.

This lesson walks you through how to champion change in your organisation, from building a business case to engaging each stakeholder on the CFM-related impacts that matter to them.
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What you'll learn in this module

Building a business case for CFM

Communicating with influence with the C-Suite

How to create a simple change management plan

Empower yourself to advocate for CFM

Course Orientation

Meet YOUR instructor

Nicholas Kontopoulos

As APAC Regional Head of Growth Marketing at Adobe DX, I believe that ‘Customer Experience’ is more than marketing fluff - it’s a core business ideology that needs to be at the heart of everything we do.  I continually strive to harness my 20+ years worth of professional experience, which I’ve built across multiple industries and geographies, to develop innovative and viable business strategies for both the enterprise I work for, and the great clients I get to serve.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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