The CFM Business Canvas

The CFM Boardroom Canvas is inspired by  the ‘Lean Canvas’ - a simple template that provides an instant snapshot of your business challenges, opportunities, metrics, and competitive advantages. 

How is the CFM Boardroom Canvas different from the Lean Canvas?

The Lean Canvas takes a traditional business-centric approach. It outlines the problems you have as a business with change management across introducing a new product or changing processes. The standard model leaves room for customers at the end. Business comes first and then you can consider how to sell it; customers are a means to a business end. The CFM Boardroom Canvas takes a customer-centric approach to this model: we’ve flipped the premise to put the customer at the heart of your business.
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Course Orientation

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Nicholas Kontopoulos

As APAC Regional Head of Growth Marketing at Adobe DX, I believe that ‘Customer Experience’ is more than marketing fluff - it’s a core business ideology that needs to be at the heart of everything we do.  I continually strive to harness my 20+ years worth of professional experience, which I’ve built across multiple industries and geographies, to develop innovative and viable business strategies for both the enterprise I work for, and the great clients I get to serve.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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